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Monroe County, Indiana
Solid Waste Management District

This pay-as-you-throw program is for Monroe County residents who do not have the City’s curbside pick-up service or who do not use a private trash hauler. Simply purchase orange bags, fill them with trash (not recyclables) and take them to a Rural Recycling Center (Orange Bags are not accepted at the South Walnut Recycling Center). Click here for locations. (Remember there is no charge to recycle.)


How does the pay-per-use trash disposal system work?

Monroe County residents who use the District's RURAL Recycling Centers are required to dispose of their non-recyclable trash in 33 Gallon Big Orange Bags (BOB) or 15 Gallon Little Orange Bags (LOB). The bags cost $15.00 per roll for BOBs, and $12.50 a roll for LOBs. Bags come in rolls of 10 for BOBs, and in rolls of 20 for LOBs. (That's $1.50 each for BOBs and $.625 each for LOBs) and are available at most Monroe County grocery and hardware stores. Bags are available to low income residents through the South Central Community Action Program. Remember, this program applies only to people using the 4 Rural Recycling Centers. This does not apply to Bloomington residents who have city curbside pick up or people using private trash haulers.

Do I use the Orange Bags for Recycling?

NO!! There is no fee or bag required to drop off items for recycling at the Rural Recycling Centers or at the South Walnut Recycling Center. Please check for information on what you can recycle at the rural stations or at the central station. Click here for location information.

How are proceeds from the sale of the bags used?

Proceeds from the sale of orange bags are used to finance the operations of the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District.

Where can I buy Orange Bags?

Buy Orange Bags at these Monroe County grocery and hardware stores:


Bloomingfood's Market & Deli, 3220 E. 3rd St.
Bloomingfoods- Near West, 316 W. 6th St.
Convience Plus, 9200 Old State Rd. 37 S.
Eastside Short Stop, 930 North Smith Rd.
Kleindorfer's Hardware, 1401 W. 5th St.
Kroger (downtown at Seminary Square), 528 S. College Ave.
Kroger (east side in Jackson Creek Plaza), 1175 College Mall
Kroger (west side), 500 S. Liberty Dr.
Kroger (south side), 4025 Old State Rd. 37 S.
Walmart 3535 W State Road 45


Ellettsville True Value Hardware, 4610 W. Richland Plaza
Hometown IGA, 4681 W. Richland Plaza

New Unionville and Unionville

Lakeside Market, 6050 E. State Rd.45


How do I dispose of items that don't fit in the Orange Bags?

Freon Appliances

The charge of disposal for a Freon containing appliance (air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, and dehumidifier) is $20.00. Call 812.349-2848 for more information. Freon containing appliances will only be accepted at the Hazardous Materials Facility at Central Station located at 3400 South Walnut Street in Bloomington. Click here for location information.

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